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How to make the finest gin in the world? Stig Bareksten takes you home to his kitchen, out into the Norwegian nature and to his distillery outside Bergen to explain how he twice came to win double-gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Here are the stories, the techniques, the recipes and the recommendations that explains the gin phenomenon.Straight from the source.

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After over three decades in the bar and drink industry, Stig Bareksten has seen it all. From Tutti Frutti to state of the art. From watered down soda drinks to post modern coolness. This book encapsulates the recipes of his favorite classic drinks, and the intriguing, sometimes unbelievable, stories behind them.

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As a bartender, brand ambassador, importer, distiller, traveler and man of nature, Stig Bareksten has a broad range of gateways to the topic of spirits and its enthralling, mysterious history and making. His long experience and unstoppable enthusiasm for sharing the joys, the details and the secrets from the world of fine spirits make him the perfect companion at any tasting, or as a seasoned lecturer at any event.

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